• Romantic date idea: eating pussy under the stars
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    Today this girl in class looked different because she had straightened her hair and I told her it was so pretty and straight and she goes “unlike me”. So me thinking that she has bad self esteem, I say “don’t say that. You’re pretty.” To which she replies “oh no, im pretty. I’m just not straight.” And I shit you not my stomach still hurts from laughing too hard.

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    how the hell do i talk to people

    Stand in front of them and press A

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  5. Kit Harington | Comic-Con 2014 portraits by Michael Muller (x)
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Off the shoulder of Orion
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Untitled by earthtoandrea on Flickr.
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    my life changed forever when i found out the word “slang” was actually slang for “shortened language”


    so slang is slang for slang


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    It’s 2 am, my first day at college is tomorrow and I refuse to accept adulthood.

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